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上海体检代检代人体检【Q 23*7267*1680】上海代替体检入职体检代检Subhuti, what do you mean?Can a saint who has heard the teachings of the Buddha and attained the state of Arahant think like this: "I have attained the path of Arahant"?Subhuti said: No, World Honored One.why?Because there really is nothing that can be called an Arhat.

World Honored One, if an Arhat has such a thought: "I have achieved the path of an Arhat," that is the aspect of self, the aspect of human beings, the aspect of living beings, and the aspect of longevity.World Honored One, the Buddha said that I have no mind of right and wrong, and that I have attained the samadhi of all tranquility and equality. I am the first among people, and I am the first dispassionate Arahant.

上海体检代检代人体检【Q 23*7267*1680】上海代替体检入职体检代检But I don’t think like this: I am an Arahant who is free from desire.World Honored One, if I thought that I had attained the path of Arahant, the World Honored One would not say that I, Subhuti, am a practitioner who likes to practice without any objections.There is nothing in the illusion. I, Subhuti, have not actually done anything. It is just called "Subhuti's good, joyful and non-objectionable conduct".
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