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郑州体检代检代人体检【Q 23*7267*1680】郑州代替体检入职体检代检Establish a false name according to the truth, and realize the truth and enlightenment.Wisdom can understand the mysterious truth of the vacuum, and all things in the wonderful and solemn things cannot be understood.There are no two ways to achieve perfection. If you think about this before and after, you should turn the existing thoughts into non-thoughts.I have traveled all over the world and found the true Dharma nowhere, but my family treasures were obtained without any effort.A piece of gold, "gold" is false, and the material essence has no name.Be a golden lion and give birth to a child with a false surname.The hairs on the head and tail of the lion are all false names, and they are inseparable from gold. Once the furnace fire melts and destroys the appearance, the true gold is restored. "Recovering the true gold" also gives rise to false names because of things. Restoring the original thing eliminates all false names.

A vacuum nurtures everything in the world, including heaven, palaces, churches and temples, natural beauty in paradise, Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, emperors, talents, beauties and common people...it is all a vacuum that generates myriad illusions. 郑州体检代检代人体检【Q 23*7267*1680】郑州代替体检入职体检代检Without emptiness, illusion cannot arise. How can we know emptiness without illusion?Emptiness and color are one, and Wuji is the total name of emptiness and form.

Awakening to observe the totality of immeasurable space and color, awakening to this place, wisdom and wisdom are wonderful and solemn.Thousands of volumes of language and writings have been written, but the mysticism is not understood. I regain my enlightenment and see the nature, and I am the Tathagata who is wonderful and solemn.
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